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Entry #6

Thought provoking questions

2009-12-07 06:01:00 by UnholyJustice

I already have my own thoughts on these matters. So please examine these for your own benefit. Feel free to share them because I'm always interested in other peoples thoughts on the matter. If you want, please ask and I will outline my thoughts on a topic. But only at request.

Socrates once said, "The unexamined life is not worth living."

That being said.
Lets provoke some thought shall we?


Are black hole's portals to other dimensions etc. Or merely intense gravity wells that nothing can escape from?

Along those same lines. Is that how the Universe Cycles? Everything is eventually swallowed up by black holes. Then they eat each other until a "big bang" and the universe starts anew?

Who created the Universe? Do not say God. This is too easy an answer. Because that would beg the question, "Who created God?" Which becomes cyclical. "Who created the being that created God?" etc etc.

Is there one time line that is over ridden when changed? Or does an alternate time line form?

For example.

Tim loses the lottery. So he goes back in time to win the lottery. He wins the lottery. Is the time line where he lost the Lottery overwritten? Or is it a divergent timeline where Tim no longer exists?

Since toast always lands butter side down. And cats always land on their feet. What happens when you duct tape the two together? Levitation?

Has religion caused more harm than good? Or vice versa? Why?

Should Politicians be paid to be Politicians?

Why are we in an economic depression? Look for a cause among government policies and institutions. Not just banking and housing collapse. Whats the ROOT cause?

When you ask how someone is. Do you really care? Or are you just waiting to talk about your day?

Do men give love for sex? Do women give sex for love?

What makes us self aware? Luck? Divine will? How can we recreate this artificially, say in a machine? Can we "uplift" other creatures to self awareness? Such as dolphins, chimps, gorillas?

Will we ever travel beyond Earth? Or will we constantly worry about our problems at home? Rather than looking for answers outside Earth.

Are people really less intelligent? Think about it. We all (in general) have good working brains we only use a small percentage of. So what makes people "less intelligent?".

Are people actually bad at something? Or is it just their own conviction that they can't do it holding them back?
Examine the statement, "I am bad at Math." Are you really bad at Math? Your brain is certainly capable of math. Or is it just a lack of motivation to DO math that makes you bad at it?

Why did technology develop more rapidly in Europe than say... Africa? Any theories?

Why is the Capitalist system doomed to eventual failure? Look further into the future. The problem is pretty apparent.

Why is marijuana illegal?

Why do fat people get 3 Big Macs, a Large Fry, and a Diet Coke? Do they really think it does anything? It's like trying to use a toy umbrella you get in a drink against a hurricane. It just doesn't work.

Who runs America? The President? The Corporations? Or powerful lobbyist parties? Or something else?

Are Moral values a matter of opinion? Dependent on the culture they are formed in? Or can we look at them from a logical stand point?

Are we ever truly "ourselves"? Or are we always just adapting to the people/place we are at? Think about how you change depending on where your at. For example: Work, Family, Friends, School. How does your personality change among them?

Is no news, good news?

Why are the rich educated much better than the poor? Even in a public school setting.

Why did technology develop quicker in Europe than say... Africa?
Hint: Think about the weather. (My personal theory)

Do we really marry our mother/father?

Which is the United States public schooling system more biased towards? Men or Women? Why?

Critically examine the issue of Abortion. Is human life defined by self awareness? Or by the beating of a heart? Etc.

Why is being Gay such a hot issue? Sure we can't reproduce that way. Yet several animals will exibit "gay" behavior. The Bonobo Monkey for example. And they are still around i.e. not extinct. And the Bible certainly does not say "No man may love another man."

If Columbus did not discover America. How would history have changed?
Hint: Look at the technological developments of the Aztecs/Inca/Mayan. What would have happened if they were not wiped out by disease?

Is it possible to really desegregate schools? Some schools are 99.6% black. Even today.

Is hanging out with your "own kind" racist? Or a natural instinct?

Blacks want equality but certain words are off limits to whites. Such as "n***a". Why?


Ok that is all I can think of in one session. Feel free to post your responses. I'm interested in what lines of thought you guys pursue. Feel free to post about it.

Socrates also said, "I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance."

So educate me. And maybe in turn you will educate yourself.


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2009-12-07 09:28:23

Do men give love for sex, and women sex for love. Sometimes. It works both ways. There will be differences between the people, no matter the gender.

Technology in Africa. Well, after Egypt and various other kingdoms in Africa have been constantly conquered by Greek, Romans, and later on settled by British, French, Dutch, German colonists... really Africa has had the shit kicked out of it by the world, and as it had just been colonies and outposts for so long, why give them all the good technology right?

I tend to think Moral values come from culture. Religion being a part of that as well.

As for homosexuality. I think people fear what they can't understand, and sometimes they just don't want to understand. I'm not entirely sure. As I am bisexual myself, and dating another woman, it's kind of hard to see it from society's general views of it all.

Considering the Vikings found North America hundreds of years before Columbus, the America's would have been discovered by the Europeans or some other culture fairly soon even had Columbus not found them. Indeed the European kingdoms were searching for a quicker way to India and sent Columbus. Someone would have found it around then.


Sure I didn't respond on everything, but I don't feel too too strongly on everything. Still. Those are some of me thoughts.

UnholyJustice responds:

1. Very true, though I find it hard for men to experience true love when their always charged with hormones. It always seems like women feel more strongly than men. It's sad really.

2. Good point about Africa. But what about the Caribbean and South America's? They also were fairly slow developing technologically. That is until the conquistadors came and ruined everything....

3. Tough being the individual and understanding the mob eh? I'm not gay or bi. But I still do not understand why homosexuality is such a hot button issue.

4. I read a really interesting book by Orson Scott Card about a theoritical universe in which Columbus did not find the America's. It was extremely interesting and if you like science fiction then by all means, give it a read! Called: Pastwatch