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The Ocarina of Time Adventures (Mature) Chapter 4

2009-12-07 04:27:27 by UnholyJustice

Disclaimer: I do not own the game that this fanfiction is written for, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Link finds out who this mysterious girl is, and a gets a little more intimate.
Feel free to drop a review and some constructive criticism by to help me write this and other novels.

***Due to some helpful reviews and feedback I have rewritten this chapter. Due to complaints that the sex was too broken up by chatter and thought. Also continuality issues will be polished up. Probably going to edit the end of Chapter 3. Thank you Lordz for pointing that out.

Enjoy!! ______________________________________
______Chapter 4

Link's mouth hung open, and that was the best he could manage as the emerald eyed girl
peered up at him.
"Well silly! You're quite the talker! Oh... What have we here?", quipped the Girl as her eye's gazed lower to his still bare manhood.

Link was still to shocked to move, and stayed put.

"Hmm... Well since you're not going to introduce yourself I might as well introduce myself!" purred the girl as she crawled slowly to Link. Her eye's gazed hungrily at his manhood, as she crept closer, black hair swaying.

"My name is Emerald, I used to dance in the Ikana Kingdom, for King Igus du Ikana. Unfortunetly an ancient curse befell us."

She plopped down, knee's folded underneath her, hair covering her breasts.
Link still watched, captured up in this strange girls story.
Slowly, thoughts began creeping back into his brain, the ReDeads effects were wearing off.

--Her name was Emerald like her eyes.--
--She has black hair.--
--How old is she?--

These slid into his brain slowly, like his head was full of goo and it had to fight its way to the surface. The girl continued on.

"The Curse was set upon us by a great evil, we never did find out where it came from. But there it was. We all slowly died, then rose again. The light burned so we hid underground, and as our flesh rotted, a voice spoke to us."

==Your life has been taken and turned to death. Your love of light has been taken and
turned to darkness. You have taken life and only by recieving it will you throw off these shackles I place upon you.==

"I was visiting Hyrule when I befell the terrible Cursed. I was visiting a dead relative and as such I was trapped here. For hundreds of years I have been in this accursed place. But I could not figure out how to break the curse. Then I saw you..."

Her eyes slid shut shut and she smiled as they winked back open, gazing at him intensely.

Again more thoughts slid through the goo.

--She's human!--
--No, not any longer--
--But why?--
--She's pretty--

His toe wiggled, then a finger.

--I'm gaining back control!--

"Glad to see your starting to get back to your previous self" She smiled and crawled toward him. Still propped on his elbows gazing at her. Intelligence flickering behind his eyes.

"Hmm.. Lets see what I can... Get out of you." A coy smile touched her lips.

Emerald slowly slid her hands down his thighs until they reaches his flaccid cock. She began to gently massage inexpertly along its length. Soon Link began to respond. His cock grew in her fingers, she smirked.

"Glad to see this is still working, now lets see how it tastes."

She lowered her head over his erection and tentatively licked the head.

"Mmmmm, It's good to be human again."

With that Links cock disappeared down her throat in a flash. She swallowed him deep and
hard, she had not done this is for hundreds of years, and she was loving every second of it.

Soon she slowed and stopped, but continued to jerk him, and looked up.

"How's that hero? Getting some control back?"

Link managed a deep moan, along with a small jerk of his left leg.

More thoughts welled to the surface, a little more easily this time.
--God, she's so good.--
--Why is she doing this?--
--Don't stop, Light don't stop!--

"Good, now for what I missed most of all..."

Straddling his lap she gazed down at his hungry eyes and even hungrier cock.

"This is gonna be fun...", she murmured.

And with agonizing slowness she lowered herself. She gently prodded her opening with his cock and loved how her lips parted for him. She began to tease herself, enjoying the moment, pushing down hard enough to admit his head into her cove. Then sliding it back out.

"Oh.. mmmm... its been so long... Ugh, it feels so good."

She whimpered as she tested how long she could stand the punishment.
Link answered that question for her, his arms blazed with a thousand tiny needles, but he could feel them.

Wasting no time, and stifling a grunt, he grabbed her luscious hips and slammed her down onto his rock hard member.

"Ohh!! Mmmmm, so you have some fight in you after all." She purred, and grabbed his blonde hair.

Link lifted her up, her pussy sliding along his member, not wanting to let the intrusion go. Until he mercilessly slammed her back down.

"I'm so full, oh Light! It's better than I remember, but let me show you how I like it

Still grabbing his hair she lifted herself up and slammed herself back down onto him with a sigh, and began rocking her hips back and forth along his length.

"Did I mention I was a dancer? I have a few tricks up my sleeve.." She smirked and swirled her hips in a circular motion. Milking his cock for all it was worth.

Then releasing his hair she flipped around so her back faced Link and she gripped his knees for support. She began to increase her pace, rocking harder and bouncing faster,
alternating between the two. Moaning and crying out in pleasure constantly.

"Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.... So full..." She moaned.

Link took the time to watch the girl in front of him bounce on his dick. Her back was
golden and smooth, and her black hair flowing down it, bobbing occasionally as she tossed her head in pleasure.

He gazed at her heart shaped ass, and his cock disappearing inside of her at an alarming rate.

Abruptly, something clicked inside and his whole body felt on fire. His feeling had
returned and along with it, the pleasurable sensations Emerald was doing to him.

Link let out a fierce growl from the back of his throat and he sat up. Shoving Emerald onto her hands and knee's in front of him. She let out a squeal of excitement and a moan as he continued her work, ramming into her like an animal.

"ugh... hmmm... shit... fuck me... harder..." she growled as her nipples rubbed along the hard stone floor from his pounding.

Link complied and quickened his pace, his body still being stabbed by thousands of needles as it got used to being back.

Driving into her harder and harder he approached his orgasm.

"mmm.. fuck.. cum inside me hero, I want to feel it." she ordered with a toss of her head and a glance behind her at him.

With a final shout, and moan on her part, Link slammed into Emerald one last time. He
tensed and shook as his body filled hers.

She moaned and humped his cock a few more times, getting all he could offer inside of her. She loved the feeling of his hot cum inside her and it dripping down her pussy.

Link sighed, and fell backwards onto his back. His softening cock slipping out of her. She reached back behind her and gave him a show as she fingered herself. Once her fingers were covered in their juices she brought it to her mouth and gently sucked.

Not missing a drop.

"Hmmm... Just how I remember it hero, tasty... I'll be visiting you again, be sure of that. But before I leave and see how the world has changed, care to give me your name?"

Link fought the darkness that was creeping up on him once again and managed to mumble,

"...Link... My name... is Link"

"Cute! Well see you around Link."

With a wink and a kiss she was off, bounding to the exit of the tomb, naked as the day she was born.

--What a strange girl, I hope I see her again on my travels...--

And with that last thought, sleep took Link.

He had a long day and and even longer journey ahead.


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2009-12-07 09:12:51

I like Emerald. Sexy, and knows how to use her body. For a smut piece, this is actually pretty damn good.

UnholyJustice responds:

Glad you like Emerald. I really had to crawl through that ReDead scene but I really wanted to add a character of beauty, sexuality and spunk. All of which the ReDead are not. Also, I felt that they never really got explained in the game. So I wanted to help highlight their curse a bit more in this fan fic.