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The Ocarina of Time Adventures (Mature) Chapter 3

2009-12-07 04:11:24 by UnholyJustice

Disclaimer: I do not own the game that this fanfiction is written for, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Ok so this Chapter does have sex involving a ReDead. Though it is pretty creepy, I wanted to incorporate them into the Fanfic since the game really does little to explain their appearance. You'll see how I am incorporating them. So please relax and try to make it to the end of this story :p No more after this I promise haha

Hey sorry it took so long for me to post the next chapter! Thanks everyone for being patient. There is a Redead encounter that ends in a strange fashion that will be explained in chapter 4.

So enjoy!
Please leave a review or rate it so I know whether or not the continue it.

(P.S. I am a guy so please forgive me ladies if I misrepresent you in anyway. It will happen :P )
___________________________________Cha pter 3

Link woke up.

He was alone in the room with the sheets piled up around him. He had fallen asleep at the Zora's last words.

*Damn damn damn!! I fell asleep!! I have to go find her*

He quickly hopped out of bed and glanced around the room looking for his clothing. Spotting it drapped across a chair he dressed quickly and grabbed his equipment. Running out of the room he went to search for the elusive Zora.

He checked the main pool where he had dove the other day. He ran to the kings chamber and couldnt find her there either. The king was still mumbling about princess whatsherface. Sad and disheartened he plopped down on a rock to think.

*Was it all a dream? No... Couldnt be it was too real, I'm pretty sure you cant dream that realisticly. Wait...*

On a wim he opened his shirt and found the still pretty aparant scratches across his chest from her wild riding.

*Well that clears that up..* He thought to himself.

After looking around the caves except the room filled with lava of course.

*I'm crazy but melting in a pool of lava isnt exactly on my to do list*

After checking into the shop and buying a few deku sticks and gazing loningly at the adult size water vest he headed out. Link entered Hyrule Field and on his way it grew dark fairly rapidly. Link let out a great sigh.

*Now I have to play that horrible sun song that almost makes me want to barf or I can just run around the skeleton monkeys or whatever they are.*

He opted for dodging the skeleton monkeys.

After breaking a sweat from running constantly across the Hyrule Fields Link climbs the towns steps with heavy footfalls but at last he is at Kakariko Village once again.

Link glances up at the sky.

*Well thank god its still night time, I get a headache from that girls stupid coccos squaking their heads off all day. And all she does is stand there and expect ME! to go get them. Then I leave for 5 minutes and they are all there again.*

Link popped out a fairy he caught earlier, she giggled and swooped and dove around him, brushing up against his dick every so often. Then wish a poof she dissapeared. Link feeling refreshed decided to check out what the old gravekeeper was up to.

A quick look around the graveyard made it apparant it was too late in the nighttime for ole ugly.

*Well might as well check out whats under the graves*

Walking up to an old worn grave stone he took a look at it before he defiled it. Moss had grown slowly up the sides as the years passed, and the text that stood bold and proud to the world were worn almost completely away only leaving a slight discoloration to mark where they once existed.

But Link didnt pay to much attention to any of this as he walked around behind the stone. He gently placed his hands on the cold damp stone and pulled.

After the earth around the old grave gave way the large stone wasnt hard to move from its old resting place. With a cackle that made Links hairs stand on end a ghost twirled from the grave. Turned around and looked Link in the eyes. Links blood ran cold as the ghost floated slowly over. It's latern casting an eerie glow across the graveyard.

The ghost howled and lunged for Link spinning his latern crazily. Link rolled backwards crouched and left in the air unsheathing his sword as he rose. He fell downwards his sword out front aimed for the stunned ghosts head. It connected, sending the ghost reeling backwards suprised at the boys fury. The ghost grew afraid and retreated backwards before Link could continue the assault. He disappeared into a wall surrounding the graveyard. Link casually walked over the the wall and plunged the sword inside. A cry of sorrow erupted from the wall. He tugged his sword out of the earth and placed it back in his sheath after wiping the mud from it.

Link sighed and made his way over the grave, stooped and picked up the small green rupee from the grave.

*All that and I get one lousy rupee, how did he afford to be buried here in the first place if all they buried with him was one rupee*

He walked over to the next grave and pulled this one free of its earthen resting place. A wierd diddly played from nowhere, Link spun looking for the source, finding none he examined what he uncovered.

A dark hole peeked up at him. A faint glow from a flame could be seen lazily making his way up to him.

"Nothing ventured nothing gained" he whispered and leapt into the hole.

He landed and rolled on the stone flooring. Only to come to a stop in the middle of several old bones, one exploded into dust as his feet bumped it. Hearing a high pitched squeeking he pulled out his trusty slingshot and shot down the three very angry bats. Gathered the 2 rupees that popped out from them he continued.

The next room posed a slight challenge. Three strange tall beings slowly walked around the room. Poison was puddled in sections that had been hewn into the stone. And still continuosly dripped from the ceiling. He played the sun song at the suggestion of Navi. The Redeads ceased there slow dragging footsteps. Link cut 2 of them down fairly easily and ditched the bodies in the poison where they hissed and bubble to nothing.

As link approached the third he readied his sword. But the Redead suddenly moved and looked at Link. Link was paralyzed where he stood unable to move he could only look in terror as it slowly walked towards him. Once close enough it leapt on his back. Still paralyzed terror built up even more as its cold dead fingers moved up his chest to his mouth and neck.

*Why does it have to end so soon? I'm the hero of Hyrule I cant die! Why is this happening to me? I didnt even really want to do this. That stupid tree wanted me to do this!! I wanted to find that Zora ATLEAST!!*

But then something strange happened.. The hands stopped their journey and started traveling downward. Down they went its legs still tightly wrapped around him preventing him from protesting. The hands found the string keeping his green shorts up and slowly untied them.

*Whats going on!! It wants me naked before it kills me? Maybe it wants to make me one of them!!*

But whatever Link tried to do they amounted to nothing physically.

Links shorts fell to the ground leaving his flaccid dick in the dank air. The cold hands moved down through his warm pube hairs and came to rest on his soft dick. Suddenly the hands clenched down on his member. A small gasp managed to escape from Links lips.

The Redead slowly began to massage his cock making it grow responding to the touch. Both hands firmly traveled up his cock turning the head purple then sliding back down to the hilt. The Redeads pace never changed, always the same mechanical up, down, up, down.

Link was in heaven and hell, it felt so good but the pace never changed and he couldnt hump to increase the pleasure.

His cock began to pulse ready to release, but the Redead stopped abruptly.

Slowly climbed off of link and knealt in front of him. It's black eyes looked up at link as its dark hole enveloped links cock. Link shuddered as much as he could in his paralyzed state. He fealt the lips of the Redead clamp down behind the mask on the head of his dick and suck.. hard. Pulling his dick further into its mouth with its constant suction.

Soon link hit the back of the Redeads throat, and came. He could feel his life juice pour out into the Redeads mouth, and moaned more when he felt the throat swallow it all. But the Redead did not stop. It continued to suck harder and harder, making Link almost cry out with pain.

Link mentally thrashed around in agony, since his muscles could do nothing but twitch in responce.

But soon the pain passed and pleasure came once again, making him cum again. The Redead drank down the warm fluid as it poured into its mouth once again.

Apparantly satisfied the Redead took a step back and stared at link. Soon a strange mist enveloped the creature. The dust spun faster and faster around it, creating a sudden great roar in the previous dead silence of the tomb.

Soon he lost track of the redead in the swirling wind that gathered all manner of dust and soil into its raging core. Link sat bewildered as the winds gathered force then quickly died away within seconds of eachother. Creating an almost pulsing sensation.

Link shook his head as his ears constantly popped because of the greatly confused pressure in the room.

After what seemed like hours the great storm within the tomb died down. Where the redead had once stood was a girl huddled in a ball.

She was naked, and pale but no doubt alive as she shivered gently. Links jaw dropped, she was beautiful and far different from any other girl he had encountered before on his travels throughout Hyrule thus far.

He absently pulled up his pants and crept up to her not wanting to wake her unconscious form.

She was a little taller than him, and her arms crossed over her supple C cup breasts. He could see a nipple poking out from between her hands. Clearly stimulated from the cold dank air of the tomb.

He tore his eyes from her nude form and willed himself to look at the face of the girl. Her face was serene in sleep and a few strands of black hair had struck out boldly from the top of her head down her forehead and gently tickled her nose.

Suddenly her eyes sprang open, sending Link realing backwards from the shock. He gave out a cry as his bottom hit the stone floor. She quickly sat up her breasts bouncing free. And locked her emerald eyes on Link.

She opened her mouth and spoke.



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So life force brings them back? Interesting.

UnholyJustice responds:

haha, wanted to tell the story of the ReDeads. So in order to do that I had to "fix" one the way they were. And so was born Emerald.