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The Ocarina of Time Adventures (Mature) Chapter 2

2009-12-07 03:48:29 by UnholyJustice

Disclaimer: I do not own the game that this fanfiction is written for, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Sex scene, enjoy.

Feel free to drop a review and some constructive criticism by to help me write this and other novels.

______Chapter 2

His dream was alight with strange feelings and emotions coursing every which way. Soon one thing began to overwhelm the dream, pleasure, pleasure and more pleasure. He pictured the Zora he peeked at under water doing strange things, all of them erotic as she twisted and turned beneath him, but his understanding of what was going on eluded him completely.

With a moan he suddenly woke up and found a Zora entering the room. It was still dark out, he could tell by the dim moon light that seemed to seep through the waterfull into the dwellings of the water people.

He squinted as... she!... drew near and his eyes adjusted making out the very feminine features of the Zora.

Sudden understanding and almost horror dawned on his face, it was the same Zora he was looking at earlier that day! The

She entered quietly and sat down on his bed.

She spoke first,"I know what you were doing underneath the water. Why?"

"uh..." He stammered, "I don't know I almost ran into you and couldn't help but look...."

He eyes narrowed slightly, a small look came to her face. If he were older he would have recognized it as lust.

"Well now... what makes you think I didn't place myself there on purpose so you would look?"

"Uh..." Stammered link again, generally making a complete fool out of himself.

"Well don't worry" she smiled, "I heard some rumors about you.. We are cooler than your species since we live in the water. I heard you are.. well warm blooded."

She lay her hand on his stomach which was free from the sheets once he sat up.

"OH! MY!" She cried out in a small gasp of wonder. Almost pulling her hand away from the his warm stomach.

"You're very hot to the touch." She smirked playfully.

Slowly her hand moved lower down his stomach, something grew within him, he still did not understand what, but his body sure did and responded in kind.

She slipped her cool hands below the clothe that covered his 6" manhood. They both gasped in surprise as she met his very hot dick poking straight up. Link moaned as she firmly grasped his rock hard member.

"Wow its so hot to the touch..." whispered the Zora.

Her hand slowly moved to the top of his heated dick and circled it around the hood of his throbbing pole. She slowly started to jack him off. Enjoy how it pulsed and grew hotter in her cool hands. Smiling she slipped her hand slowly down her smooth white belly. And moaned silently as she slipped a finger in herself and started to tease her engorged clit.

Link lay on the bed his mouth agape as he slowly met the down of her stroke with the thrust of his dick. He began to understand what that feeling he had experienced before was.. complete and utter lust.

The Zora slowly stopped her massage of his cock, he gasped when she let go and looked at her pleading her to continue.

She giggle and kissed him gently on the lips slowly to savor the taste. Link was in heaven, her mouth was cool on his blistering hot mouth, her tongue gently caressed every inch of his mouth. Loving the feel of the hot mouth around her cool wet tongue. She gently worked her way to his neck and licked and sucked on the skin trying to get at the warmth that flowed beneath it. Soon she continued lower down his chest, slowly licking as she went, making Link ache with need. Soon she reached the top of his shorts and gently peeled them down.

Links engorged cock sprung free into the cool night air, throbbing with anticipation. The Zora grabbed it once again enjoying the warmth she felt. She then turned and looked into Links eyes as she kissed the tip of his manhood. Then slowly slipped it inch by inch into her wet mouth. She worked it all the way in until the tip rested comfortable at the back of her tight wet mouth. She moaned softly making link quiver from the vibrations it was causing.

*God it's so warm...* She thought as she gently bobbed her head up and down the fiery cock. Swirling her long tongue around the tip she slowly sucked on just the tip. Making Link twist and turn on the bed, experiencing pleasure he had never imagined. Her mouth was so cool and wet and perfectly contrasted his hard, hot and dry dick.

She began to suck harder, letting more of her saliva coat his dick allowing her hands to work as fast as her quickly bobbing head. Then at last she gave one final great suck and lick of the tip of his cock and he exploded into her expectant mouth. She moaned in ecstasy as the hot liquid filled her mouth with warmth. She loved the taste immediately, she lived in a fresh water lake her whole life and tasting the hot semen with salt intermixed made her gush with pleasure. She let a little dribble on her soft breasts.

Link watched as it slowly slid down her ample breasts and stopped once it hit her rock hard nipple. She glanced down and with a finger wiped off the glistening juice and slowly sucked it off her finger.

Link was almost ready to completely pass out from the act she had done for him. But she had other plans in mind as she leaned forward and captured his dry lips in her wet soft ones. Instantly he was completely awake and ready for more.

He looked at her quizzically when their lips finally parted, leaving a thin strand of saliva connecting the two lips.

"Don't you know? The water here is healing and I live in it." She smiled

"Now its my turn boy." She whispered as she mounted his head.

He looked up and was face to face with her literally dripping wet cunt. He slowly touched his tongue to her cool sex, instantly she jumped a little as the fiery hot tongue met her cold sex. He slowly licked all around her swollen cunt, making his way inwards with each pass. She thrashed about on his head loving the sensation as the hot wet tongue raked across her most sensitive areas. She roughly rubbed her hardening peaks in sync with his attention to her clit.

Soon he found a small tight opening the dripped constantly the sweet nectar of the healing water. He withdrew his tongue from her sex for an instant, making her hiss with displeasure until he thrust his burning tentacle into her love hole. She shouted in ecstasy as it slowly made it's way around her insides, caressing each curve of her spasming canal. He pushed his head deeper as she pushed her tight slit harder and harder against him. He pulled out and found a little nub that almost throbbed in the faint light. He gave a tentative live and as she shuddered above him he clamped down with his lips and began to suck hard. He started alternating between thrusting his tongue deep inside her and sucking her clit.

Then right as he felt her hole contract and begin to suck his burning tongue she lept off determined not to cum just yet, though it was very tempting to shoot her juices all over the forest boys determined face.

She repositioned and was pleasantly surprised to find his member hard again poking her asshole.

Smiling she said, "oh not yet."

Then positioned her dripping sex above his blazing spear. She waited a minute as her juices slowly dripped and almost seem to steam off his burning dick. Then she thrust down in one powerful motion burying Link to the hilt in her cool dripping hole. They yelled in unison as Link felt her hole grip his shaft from all sides and gently milk him.

The Zora moaned as the burning shaft buried to the hilt inside her. Filling up her cold sex with his warm shaft. After adjusting slightly she began to bounce slowly on his engorged dick. He began to thrust back slowly at first but growing steadily faster as her insides spasmed and milked him. Her juice began to quickly slide down his shaft and onto his stomach steaming off slowly. Soon she was riding him hard and fast clawing his chest with every thrust. Making her shout and moan his name as he thrust faster.

Soon she hit her climax, her love canal clamped down on his dick and almost squezzed the cum right out of him. But her juices lubricated him so much he still manage to thrust faster and faster. He flipped her onto her back and began pumping fast and hard. Burying himself to the hilt before backing out to the tip and thrusting back in. Making her breasts roll and sway on her chest.

She continued orgasming as he didn't stop, unable to climax. He bend down slightly and took one her her hard icy nipples into his raging mouth. He began to suck and bite hard, as she rolled in ecstasy and continued to buck against his steaming pole. The pleasure of the biting stopped the Zora completely in her tracks as she hit another level of orgasm and her love hole clamped down so hard on Links member he had to thrust with all his might to get it in and out.

Then finally with a moan he buried to the hilt inside of her still spasming hole and released his burning seed inside her. The lava poured inside of her filling her body to the brim warming it with sheer pleasure. All she could do was lay in the bed with Link collapsed on top of her and moan as the seed traveled through her.

When they finally got their breath back and their rapid heart beats slowed to almost normal, Link looked up.

"You still have one more thing to fill." She whispered in his ear.

Links cock twitched with anticipation...


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2009-12-07 08:51:08

I love what you did with the hot and cold. Really set this sex scene apart from so many other's I've read.

UnholyJustice responds:

I loved the Zora. They always seemed like an extremely sexual culture and cold blooded. Considering a warm blooded link was a rarity, I figured one would take advantage of his visit.