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The Ocarina of Time Adventures (Mature) Chapter 1

2009-12-07 03:32:10 by UnholyJustice

Hey guys. This is a story I submitted at least a year or two ago. It is a to a website called
I occasionally write stories and submit them here. It helps refine my writing style and some people get some fun outta my stories too. So its a double win.
This particular story has received 16 thousand hits. So I figured it was time to upload it here. I won't lie, Adam submitting stories made me want to start submitting mine. So thanks Adam haha. We can't just compete in FreeRunning.

Well this Fanfic as they are known as centers around Link having a much more sexual adventure than portrayed in the N64 game. Enjoy!


Disclaimer: I do not own the game that this fanfiction is written for, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Zelda Fan Fic.

Link/Zorra (making link a little older than he actually is to explain his 6" dick)

Fourth Chapter up but planned to be rewritten due to authors lack of satisfaction :p

THANKS FOR THE 16000 hits you guys. Hope I didn't disappoint.

First story submitted here so be as harsh as you want. But be constructive at the very least.

_________________________Chapter 1____________________________

Link smiled as he walked through the Zora caves. It was a good day, he was tired as his journey to get here was long. The running around on death mountain made him ache and head throb as he remembers his journey up to the fairy at the top. Braving falling rocks the size of him with his little metal shield gave him a huge headache, stylish as it was. As he entered the Zora city he was extremely startled to notice was that all of them were naked! Them male Zora's didn't bother him much since they had their packages tucked away inside a sheath to protect it.

*Why cant we have that?* Link thought recalling the unfortunate encounter with a well aimed Deku nut... ouch...

Link navigated the moist tunnels until he chanced upon the King himself. The only Zora with clothing even though he just looked like a very large fish. But when asked about the water stone thing all he did was grumble about some stupid princess or whatever.

*I cant get a break* he thought *when I finally get to this cold, damp place the king wont even actually talk to me! I played every stupid song I know and he still wont budge. Guess he isn't as big a fan as the rock people. I even tried to give the big fish a little fish, but all it did was hop around.*

Disappointed and once again stuck on his adventure he explored and thought about his Quest. The Deku tree made it seem like a peace of CAKE!! Go save Hyrule collect some shiny stones and you win. He never expected to meet dancing beings made of rock, Wolves, Spiders, flowers that made bombs... The list was endless!! And so far he hadn't gotten any thanks for it yet... Well other than meeting that hot princess Zelda but she wasn't the brightest star in the sky, babbling about some sort of evil prophesy having to do with the goth dude in the throne room. Bah! it was all crap to him.

He was getting tired of all the running around, playing that boring song that almost put him to sleep EVERY TIME he needed to get somewhere.

*She just HAD to teach me didn't she*

Finally he chanced upon a sign for the diving game,
All he read was,


And he was hooked.

Of he went confident as can be, that is until he saw exactly what he was diving off of...

"Well are you gonna jump or not?" Asked the annoyed looking male Zora.

Link swallowed...

"Well if you are its 15 Rupees. So pay up kid." Ordered the Zora.
Link forked out the rupees.

"Thanks now jump" He then promptly shoved Link off the 100ft high waterfall into the chilly abyss. Link shouted at the sheer cold. But soon gathered his wits once he surfaced for air with a great GULP!

He spied the shining rupees winking at him from underneath the cold wake. He held his breath and dived after them. After four of the five rupees had been collected tries he dove for his fifth. And almost head butted a female Zora right in the stomach.

Shocked he stared at the smooth pale blue Zora skin. It looked leathery but almost soft... He looked upwards and saw the bottom halves of two beautiful orbs of blue flesh. He wanted to reach out and touch them badly, to his surprise. But his desires conflicted and eventually his eyes compromised and worked downwards instead. Tracing the contours of her smooth complexion he finally looked at the apex of her milky white thighs. A small line poked between them. The lips of her pussy puffed out beautifully each time she treaded water in front of his greedy eyes.

She turned and made some noises above the water, she was talking to someone. With her ass presented he took the liberty to examine that as well. The were pale blue with small darker spots of blue. But as he looked to the inside of her luscious cheeks it turned a pale blue bordering white. And in the center her puckered hole winked at him.

Something strange stirred in his gut, it wasn't unpleasant... He had a strong desire but for what he couldn't quite but a finger on. He knew it had to do with something he was looking at but he was still young and confused.

Then his breath gave out.

He surfaced after he swam a couple feet away from the Zora completely ignorant of what the boy was peeking at.

Gulping for breath and slightly red to the face he heard a voice call down from above.


*SHIT* he thought to himself. He had completely forgot about the game he was in the middle of before he glimpsed a very erotic looking Zora.

*Well that dumb shit Zora tossed in more money to collect than I payed him. I made a profit off that!!*

Link waved and shouted, "Don't you worry I'll come back and beat your stupid game!"

Tired and slightly humiliated he found a small room for messengers of the king near the top of the cave where it was less... well wet everywhere.

He removed his sword and shield and placed them next to his bed. The bed glimmered with the Triforce symbol of Hyrule woven expertly into the fabric. He laid down on his back stared at the rock ceiling and soon sleep over took him.


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2009-12-07 08:39:49

Interesting first chapter. You really did make the Zora seem quite erotic and sexy. I'm eager to see what else you do with the game, and how you insert the sexuality.


2009-12-07 09:14:41

I've read up to chapter 4. Quite well done for turning an E rated game into a smut story I'm rather impressed. I actually wouldn't mind talking to you at some point about writing.

Drop me a PM sometime, and I'll give you my MSN.

UnholyJustice responds:

Thank you :)

Sadly though, I doubt this story will see completion. I haven't recently finished the game so it's no longer fresh in my mind. Besides, I'm currently working on a more serious story called Ab Incunabulis: From the Cradle.