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I already have my own thoughts on these matters. So please examine these for your own benefit. Feel free to share them because I'm always interested in other peoples thoughts on the matter. If you want, please ask and I will outline my thoughts on a topic. But only at request.

Socrates once said, "The unexamined life is not worth living."

That being said.
Lets provoke some thought shall we?


Are black hole's portals to other dimensions etc. Or merely intense gravity wells that nothing can escape from?

Along those same lines. Is that how the Universe Cycles? Everything is eventually swallowed up by black holes. Then they eat each other until a "big bang" and the universe starts anew?

Who created the Universe? Do not say God. This is too easy an answer. Because that would beg the question, "Who created God?" Which becomes cyclical. "Who created the being that created God?" etc etc.

Is there one time line that is over ridden when changed? Or does an alternate time line form?

For example.

Tim loses the lottery. So he goes back in time to win the lottery. He wins the lottery. Is the time line where he lost the Lottery overwritten? Or is it a divergent timeline where Tim no longer exists?

Since toast always lands butter side down. And cats always land on their feet. What happens when you duct tape the two together? Levitation?

Has religion caused more harm than good? Or vice versa? Why?

Should Politicians be paid to be Politicians?

Why are we in an economic depression? Look for a cause among government policies and institutions. Not just banking and housing collapse. Whats the ROOT cause?

When you ask how someone is. Do you really care? Or are you just waiting to talk about your day?

Do men give love for sex? Do women give sex for love?

What makes us self aware? Luck? Divine will? How can we recreate this artificially, say in a machine? Can we "uplift" other creatures to self awareness? Such as dolphins, chimps, gorillas?

Will we ever travel beyond Earth? Or will we constantly worry about our problems at home? Rather than looking for answers outside Earth.

Are people really less intelligent? Think about it. We all (in general) have good working brains we only use a small percentage of. So what makes people "less intelligent?".

Are people actually bad at something? Or is it just their own conviction that they can't do it holding them back?
Examine the statement, "I am bad at Math." Are you really bad at Math? Your brain is certainly capable of math. Or is it just a lack of motivation to DO math that makes you bad at it?

Why did technology develop more rapidly in Europe than say... Africa? Any theories?

Why is the Capitalist system doomed to eventual failure? Look further into the future. The problem is pretty apparent.

Why is marijuana illegal?

Why do fat people get 3 Big Macs, a Large Fry, and a Diet Coke? Do they really think it does anything? It's like trying to use a toy umbrella you get in a drink against a hurricane. It just doesn't work.

Who runs America? The President? The Corporations? Or powerful lobbyist parties? Or something else?

Are Moral values a matter of opinion? Dependent on the culture they are formed in? Or can we look at them from a logical stand point?

Are we ever truly "ourselves"? Or are we always just adapting to the people/place we are at? Think about how you change depending on where your at. For example: Work, Family, Friends, School. How does your personality change among them?

Is no news, good news?

Why are the rich educated much better than the poor? Even in a public school setting.

Why did technology develop quicker in Europe than say... Africa?
Hint: Think about the weather. (My personal theory)

Do we really marry our mother/father?

Which is the United States public schooling system more biased towards? Men or Women? Why?

Critically examine the issue of Abortion. Is human life defined by self awareness? Or by the beating of a heart? Etc.

Why is being Gay such a hot issue? Sure we can't reproduce that way. Yet several animals will exibit "gay" behavior. The Bonobo Monkey for example. And they are still around i.e. not extinct. And the Bible certainly does not say "No man may love another man."

If Columbus did not discover America. How would history have changed?
Hint: Look at the technological developments of the Aztecs/Inca/Mayan. What would have happened if they were not wiped out by disease?

Is it possible to really desegregate schools? Some schools are 99.6% black. Even today.

Is hanging out with your "own kind" racist? Or a natural instinct?

Blacks want equality but certain words are off limits to whites. Such as "n***a". Why?


Ok that is all I can think of in one session. Feel free to post your responses. I'm interested in what lines of thought you guys pursue. Feel free to post about it.

Socrates also said, "I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance."

So educate me. And maybe in turn you will educate yourself.

Random Thoughts

2009-12-07 05:52:29 by UnholyJustice

So sometimes. I get these thoughts rattling around in my head. I feel like I have an idea. It's a solid object in my mind. I turn it over and examine it from all angles. Idea's seem concrete and within my grasp, not abstract concepts. So occasionally I feel the need to throw these idea's onto paper, so to speak. This is the accumulation of a few random thoughts I've been having.

Self Diagnosis
Why do people always think they have the worst possible disease/injury? Is this a fatalist tendency? Or something more? Maybe people start typing in their symptoms into google and they get brain cancer instead of a simple nose bleed. Do they crave this more serious illness? Do they just want attention? So the more deadly disease they think they have, the more attention they accrue? Or is it from too much tv like E.R. and House? Or maybe deep down (subconsciously), they pity their existence so anything that ends it for them is acceptable.
Or maybe its not a personal thought at all. But a Freudian concept stemming from a traumatic childhood. Or maybe just an overbearing parent? My Father always deemed a small hip pain I got every once in a while to a genetic disease my family has that wears away at your hip bones. Essentially disolving it. This never bothered me, because I had a feeling he was wrong. But maybe it's something more repeated. Say a parent that runs their child to the hospital every time they come down with a cold. Maybe this ingrains some tendency from childhood that what you have is worse than it seems. You don't realize your doing it but it's there. Point is, your not a doctor, if your highest education in the area of medicine is high school biology, let the doctors do the diagnosing and treatment. You worry about resting and recovering.

Empathy is feeling another's pain. Not in a literal since but when they cry, you cry. When they feel hurt you feel hurt. Is every human being bred with this trait? Or is there a separation among the genders of our species. I was once asked a question. It was something along these lines, "If Tory died, would you feel pain? Would you care?" (Tory being my girlfriend)(Also this is not exactly emphatic but close enough) I thought about it for a long time. My immediate answer was yes. I would be heart broken. But then I thought about it a little bit more. Turned it over in my mind. I wondered if I would feel bad, because I would be expected to feel bad. I know that for my Grandfathers funeral. I cared. But on further introspection. I didn't. I cared, because I felt that I was expected to care. I didn't truly know the man laying in the coffin. I only knew he was my fathers father, and that I should feel something. So maybe that something was conjured up, because I felt it had to be there when it wasn't.
When I ask a friend whats wrong. I always wonder if I actually care. Or if its just some perverted curiosity thats driving me to KNOW. Do I care? Or do I want to know? Or will knowing make me care? I feel bound as a friend to ask, and listen. But am I bound to care? To feel what they feel? Or is what I'm feeling something I conjure up cause I feel it should be there? Is this common? Or am I among few? I think maybe its something guys have little of. We are not emphatic creatures. Whether by upbringing/culture or an inbred survival trait from long ago. Or is it just a way for us to feel superior to the other? We hear how they are down, and we mentally celebrate. We are of a higher standing than them.
For example. You are in a happy relationship. Your friend tells you about his unhappy relationship. Do you not feel pride? And a sense that your better than your friend. You succeeded where they failed. Of course you wouldn't openly admit it. But secretly, you feel it, and you may feel guilty for feeling it. But you can't help it. It comes unbidden to your chest. I don't know. But I wonder.

Why is it in our culture we have no sense of purpose? No sense of clear direction? We have no clear hurdles that mark us as adults. We're children until we some how prove ourselves. The Amish have their right of passage called Rumspringa. Jews have the bar mitzvah. On and on. It seems like every generation has about the same clue as to what to do as the last. No knowledge to pass down, no wisdom to impart on the children. At least when your an Eskimo. You know your purpose. You fish, you raise a family, you build igloo's, and you die. We all collectively are running around with our heads cut off. Some teachers claim they still don't know what they want to be when they grow up. Hell we are allowed to go die in a war far from home, but not consume alcohol. Obviously we have no idea what we are doing. Every once in a while a mass of scared parents, or "activists" rather, comes along and makes changes to our society, because they think their idea is right. Prohibition is a shining example. Instead of the end of crime and drunkenness, it actually spawned some of the most terrifying crime lords the United States has ever seen.
Why is it we have no idea where we are going? I would almost prefer a path laid out for me. Here is what your going to strive for in life. Get to it. Instead its constant confusion and doubt. Eskimo's don't kill themselves, confused american teenagers, and stressed corporate workers do. Why is that? Maybe because the Eskimo know's his purpose in life, and is content to fit into the great wheel of life. The rest of us scramble around. Confused. Stressed. Scared.

Stress seems to stem from caring to much. Rather than floating down the river and occasionally steering around a rock. Your frantically paddling up river, avoiding fast moving ice chunks. Everything needs your attention, it needs your care. The more you care the more stressed you get. Sure. You have finals coming up. Study. Review what you got. And be happy with the work you've put forth in preparation for the test. Don't get worked up about the outcome. It hasn't happened yet. Why worry about what hasn't happened? Deal with problems as they come, not imagine non-problems becoming problems all the time. Throwing back to the Self Diagnosis topic. Don't worry about your nose bleed as brain cancer, treat it as a nose bleed until someone tells you otherwise. Its a non problem your making into a problem.
Just relax. Take a deep breath. Things have a tendency to fall into place just as correctly if you relax and proceed calm and efficient, not stressed and anxious.
Why worry about brain cancer that you probably don't have?
Why worry about your upcoming test when it hasn't happened yet?
Who cares if your grandmother is dying? She isn't dead yet. Enjoy her company now, while its here, not tainted by the thought of ever looming death.

And its just healthier for you period. Considering the effect the mind has on your body. The Placebo tests are a prime example. People that are given sugar pills are cured. All because they were fooled into thinking that this pill was the life saver. Your tricking your own body into being sick when you think about it too much. Stress is a huge factor in that. Relax. And enjoy life's simple pleasures, the paddle down the stream. Not the hard fight up river.

Disclaimer: I do not own the game that this fanfiction is written for, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Link finds out who this mysterious girl is, and a gets a little more intimate.
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***Due to some helpful reviews and feedback I have rewritten this chapter. Due to complaints that the sex was too broken up by chatter and thought. Also continuality issues will be polished up. Probably going to edit the end of Chapter 3. Thank you Lordz for pointing that out.

Enjoy!! ______________________________________
______Chapter 4

Link's mouth hung open, and that was the best he could manage as the emerald eyed girl
peered up at him.
"Well silly! You're quite the talker! Oh... What have we here?", quipped the Girl as her eye's gazed lower to his still bare manhood.

Link was still to shocked to move, and stayed put.

"Hmm... Well since you're not going to introduce yourself I might as well introduce myself!" purred the girl as she crawled slowly to Link. Her eye's gazed hungrily at his manhood, as she crept closer, black hair swaying.

"My name is Emerald, I used to dance in the Ikana Kingdom, for King Igus du Ikana. Unfortunetly an ancient curse befell us."

She plopped down, knee's folded underneath her, hair covering her breasts.
Link still watched, captured up in this strange girls story.
Slowly, thoughts began creeping back into his brain, the ReDeads effects were wearing off.

--Her name was Emerald like her eyes.--
--She has black hair.--
--How old is she?--

These slid into his brain slowly, like his head was full of goo and it had to fight its way to the surface. The girl continued on.

"The Curse was set upon us by a great evil, we never did find out where it came from. But there it was. We all slowly died, then rose again. The light burned so we hid underground, and as our flesh rotted, a voice spoke to us."

==Your life has been taken and turned to death. Your love of light has been taken and
turned to darkness. You have taken life and only by recieving it will you throw off these shackles I place upon you.==

"I was visiting Hyrule when I befell the terrible Cursed. I was visiting a dead relative and as such I was trapped here. For hundreds of years I have been in this accursed place. But I could not figure out how to break the curse. Then I saw you..."

Her eyes slid shut shut and she smiled as they winked back open, gazing at him intensely.

Again more thoughts slid through the goo.

--She's human!--
--No, not any longer--
--But why?--
--She's pretty--

His toe wiggled, then a finger.

--I'm gaining back control!--

"Glad to see your starting to get back to your previous self" She smiled and crawled toward him. Still propped on his elbows gazing at her. Intelligence flickering behind his eyes.

"Hmm.. Lets see what I can... Get out of you." A coy smile touched her lips.

Emerald slowly slid her hands down his thighs until they reaches his flaccid cock. She began to gently massage inexpertly along its length. Soon Link began to respond. His cock grew in her fingers, she smirked.

"Glad to see this is still working, now lets see how it tastes."

She lowered her head over his erection and tentatively licked the head.

"Mmmmm, It's good to be human again."

With that Links cock disappeared down her throat in a flash. She swallowed him deep and
hard, she had not done this is for hundreds of years, and she was loving every second of it.

Soon she slowed and stopped, but continued to jerk him, and looked up.

"How's that hero? Getting some control back?"

Link managed a deep moan, along with a small jerk of his left leg.

More thoughts welled to the surface, a little more easily this time.
--God, she's so good.--
--Why is she doing this?--
--Don't stop, Light don't stop!--

"Good, now for what I missed most of all..."

Straddling his lap she gazed down at his hungry eyes and even hungrier cock.

"This is gonna be fun...", she murmured.

And with agonizing slowness she lowered herself. She gently prodded her opening with his cock and loved how her lips parted for him. She began to tease herself, enjoying the moment, pushing down hard enough to admit his head into her cove. Then sliding it back out.

"Oh.. mmmm... its been so long... Ugh, it feels so good."

She whimpered as she tested how long she could stand the punishment.
Link answered that question for her, his arms blazed with a thousand tiny needles, but he could feel them.

Wasting no time, and stifling a grunt, he grabbed her luscious hips and slammed her down onto his rock hard member.

"Ohh!! Mmmmm, so you have some fight in you after all." She purred, and grabbed his blonde hair.

Link lifted her up, her pussy sliding along his member, not wanting to let the intrusion go. Until he mercilessly slammed her back down.

"I'm so full, oh Light! It's better than I remember, but let me show you how I like it

Still grabbing his hair she lifted herself up and slammed herself back down onto him with a sigh, and began rocking her hips back and forth along his length.

"Did I mention I was a dancer? I have a few tricks up my sleeve.." She smirked and swirled her hips in a circular motion. Milking his cock for all it was worth.

Then releasing his hair she flipped around so her back faced Link and she gripped his knees for support. She began to increase her pace, rocking harder and bouncing faster,
alternating between the two. Moaning and crying out in pleasure constantly.

"Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.... So full..." She moaned.

Link took the time to watch the girl in front of him bounce on his dick. Her back was
golden and smooth, and her black hair flowing down it, bobbing occasionally as she tossed her head in pleasure.

He gazed at her heart shaped ass, and his cock disappearing inside of her at an alarming rate.

Abruptly, something clicked inside and his whole body felt on fire. His feeling had
returned and along with it, the pleasurable sensations Emerald was doing to him.

Link let out a fierce growl from the back of his throat and he sat up. Shoving Emerald onto her hands and knee's in front of him. She let out a squeal of excitement and a moan as he continued her work, ramming into her like an animal.

"ugh... hmmm... shit... fuck me... harder..." she growled as her nipples rubbed along the hard stone floor from his pounding.

Link complied and quickened his pace, his body still being stabbed by thousands of needles as it got used to being back.

Driving into her harder and harder he approached his orgasm.

"mmm.. fuck.. cum inside me hero, I want to feel it." she ordered with a toss of her head and a glance behind her at him.

With a final shout, and moan on her part, Link slammed into Emerald one last time. He
tensed and shook as his body filled hers.

She moaned and humped his cock a few more times, getting all he could offer inside of her. She loved the feeling of his hot cum inside her and it dripping down her pussy.

Link sighed, and fell backwards onto his back. His softening cock slipping out of her. She reached back behind her and gave him a show as she fingered herself. Once her fingers were covered in their juices she brought it to her mouth and gently sucked.

Not missing a drop.

"Hmmm... Just how I remember it hero, tasty... I'll be visiting you again, be sure of that. But before I leave and see how the world has changed, care to give me your name?"

Link fought the darkness that was creeping up on him once again and managed to mumble,

"...Link... My name... is Link"

"Cute! Well see you around Link."

With a wink and a kiss she was off, bounding to the exit of the tomb, naked as the day she was born.

--What a strange girl, I hope I see her again on my travels...--

And with that last thought, sleep took Link.

He had a long day and and even longer journey ahead.

Disclaimer: I do not own the game that this fanfiction is written for, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Ok so this Chapter does have sex involving a ReDead. Though it is pretty creepy, I wanted to incorporate them into the Fanfic since the game really does little to explain their appearance. You'll see how I am incorporating them. So please relax and try to make it to the end of this story :p No more after this I promise haha

Hey sorry it took so long for me to post the next chapter! Thanks everyone for being patient. There is a Redead encounter that ends in a strange fashion that will be explained in chapter 4.

So enjoy!
Please leave a review or rate it so I know whether or not the continue it.

(P.S. I am a guy so please forgive me ladies if I misrepresent you in anyway. It will happen :P )
___________________________________Cha pter 3

Link woke up.

He was alone in the room with the sheets piled up around him. He had fallen asleep at the Zora's last words.

*Damn damn damn!! I fell asleep!! I have to go find her*

He quickly hopped out of bed and glanced around the room looking for his clothing. Spotting it drapped across a chair he dressed quickly and grabbed his equipment. Running out of the room he went to search for the elusive Zora.

He checked the main pool where he had dove the other day. He ran to the kings chamber and couldnt find her there either. The king was still mumbling about princess whatsherface. Sad and disheartened he plopped down on a rock to think.

*Was it all a dream? No... Couldnt be it was too real, I'm pretty sure you cant dream that realisticly. Wait...*

On a wim he opened his shirt and found the still pretty aparant scratches across his chest from her wild riding.

*Well that clears that up..* He thought to himself.

After looking around the caves except the room filled with lava of course.

*I'm crazy but melting in a pool of lava isnt exactly on my to do list*

After checking into the shop and buying a few deku sticks and gazing loningly at the adult size water vest he headed out. Link entered Hyrule Field and on his way it grew dark fairly rapidly. Link let out a great sigh.

*Now I have to play that horrible sun song that almost makes me want to barf or I can just run around the skeleton monkeys or whatever they are.*

He opted for dodging the skeleton monkeys.

After breaking a sweat from running constantly across the Hyrule Fields Link climbs the towns steps with heavy footfalls but at last he is at Kakariko Village once again.

Link glances up at the sky.

*Well thank god its still night time, I get a headache from that girls stupid coccos squaking their heads off all day. And all she does is stand there and expect ME! to go get them. Then I leave for 5 minutes and they are all there again.*

Link popped out a fairy he caught earlier, she giggled and swooped and dove around him, brushing up against his dick every so often. Then wish a poof she dissapeared. Link feeling refreshed decided to check out what the old gravekeeper was up to.

A quick look around the graveyard made it apparant it was too late in the nighttime for ole ugly.

*Well might as well check out whats under the graves*

Walking up to an old worn grave stone he took a look at it before he defiled it. Moss had grown slowly up the sides as the years passed, and the text that stood bold and proud to the world were worn almost completely away only leaving a slight discoloration to mark where they once existed.

But Link didnt pay to much attention to any of this as he walked around behind the stone. He gently placed his hands on the cold damp stone and pulled.

After the earth around the old grave gave way the large stone wasnt hard to move from its old resting place. With a cackle that made Links hairs stand on end a ghost twirled from the grave. Turned around and looked Link in the eyes. Links blood ran cold as the ghost floated slowly over. It's latern casting an eerie glow across the graveyard.

The ghost howled and lunged for Link spinning his latern crazily. Link rolled backwards crouched and left in the air unsheathing his sword as he rose. He fell downwards his sword out front aimed for the stunned ghosts head. It connected, sending the ghost reeling backwards suprised at the boys fury. The ghost grew afraid and retreated backwards before Link could continue the assault. He disappeared into a wall surrounding the graveyard. Link casually walked over the the wall and plunged the sword inside. A cry of sorrow erupted from the wall. He tugged his sword out of the earth and placed it back in his sheath after wiping the mud from it.

Link sighed and made his way over the grave, stooped and picked up the small green rupee from the grave.

*All that and I get one lousy rupee, how did he afford to be buried here in the first place if all they buried with him was one rupee*

He walked over to the next grave and pulled this one free of its earthen resting place. A wierd diddly played from nowhere, Link spun looking for the source, finding none he examined what he uncovered.

A dark hole peeked up at him. A faint glow from a flame could be seen lazily making his way up to him.

"Nothing ventured nothing gained" he whispered and leapt into the hole.

He landed and rolled on the stone flooring. Only to come to a stop in the middle of several old bones, one exploded into dust as his feet bumped it. Hearing a high pitched squeeking he pulled out his trusty slingshot and shot down the three very angry bats. Gathered the 2 rupees that popped out from them he continued.

The next room posed a slight challenge. Three strange tall beings slowly walked around the room. Poison was puddled in sections that had been hewn into the stone. And still continuosly dripped from the ceiling. He played the sun song at the suggestion of Navi. The Redeads ceased there slow dragging footsteps. Link cut 2 of them down fairly easily and ditched the bodies in the poison where they hissed and bubble to nothing.

As link approached the third he readied his sword. But the Redead suddenly moved and looked at Link. Link was paralyzed where he stood unable to move he could only look in terror as it slowly walked towards him. Once close enough it leapt on his back. Still paralyzed terror built up even more as its cold dead fingers moved up his chest to his mouth and neck.

*Why does it have to end so soon? I'm the hero of Hyrule I cant die! Why is this happening to me? I didnt even really want to do this. That stupid tree wanted me to do this!! I wanted to find that Zora ATLEAST!!*

But then something strange happened.. The hands stopped their journey and started traveling downward. Down they went its legs still tightly wrapped around him preventing him from protesting. The hands found the string keeping his green shorts up and slowly untied them.

*Whats going on!! It wants me naked before it kills me? Maybe it wants to make me one of them!!*

But whatever Link tried to do they amounted to nothing physically.

Links shorts fell to the ground leaving his flaccid dick in the dank air. The cold hands moved down through his warm pube hairs and came to rest on his soft dick. Suddenly the hands clenched down on his member. A small gasp managed to escape from Links lips.

The Redead slowly began to massage his cock making it grow responding to the touch. Both hands firmly traveled up his cock turning the head purple then sliding back down to the hilt. The Redeads pace never changed, always the same mechanical up, down, up, down.

Link was in heaven and hell, it felt so good but the pace never changed and he couldnt hump to increase the pleasure.

His cock began to pulse ready to release, but the Redead stopped abruptly.

Slowly climbed off of link and knealt in front of him. It's black eyes looked up at link as its dark hole enveloped links cock. Link shuddered as much as he could in his paralyzed state. He fealt the lips of the Redead clamp down behind the mask on the head of his dick and suck.. hard. Pulling his dick further into its mouth with its constant suction.

Soon link hit the back of the Redeads throat, and came. He could feel his life juice pour out into the Redeads mouth, and moaned more when he felt the throat swallow it all. But the Redead did not stop. It continued to suck harder and harder, making Link almost cry out with pain.

Link mentally thrashed around in agony, since his muscles could do nothing but twitch in responce.

But soon the pain passed and pleasure came once again, making him cum again. The Redead drank down the warm fluid as it poured into its mouth once again.

Apparantly satisfied the Redead took a step back and stared at link. Soon a strange mist enveloped the creature. The dust spun faster and faster around it, creating a sudden great roar in the previous dead silence of the tomb.

Soon he lost track of the redead in the swirling wind that gathered all manner of dust and soil into its raging core. Link sat bewildered as the winds gathered force then quickly died away within seconds of eachother. Creating an almost pulsing sensation.

Link shook his head as his ears constantly popped because of the greatly confused pressure in the room.

After what seemed like hours the great storm within the tomb died down. Where the redead had once stood was a girl huddled in a ball.

She was naked, and pale but no doubt alive as she shivered gently. Links jaw dropped, she was beautiful and far different from any other girl he had encountered before on his travels throughout Hyrule thus far.

He absently pulled up his pants and crept up to her not wanting to wake her unconscious form.

She was a little taller than him, and her arms crossed over her supple C cup breasts. He could see a nipple poking out from between her hands. Clearly stimulated from the cold dank air of the tomb.

He tore his eyes from her nude form and willed himself to look at the face of the girl. Her face was serene in sleep and a few strands of black hair had struck out boldly from the top of her head down her forehead and gently tickled her nose.

Suddenly her eyes sprang open, sending Link realing backwards from the shock. He gave out a cry as his bottom hit the stone floor. She quickly sat up her breasts bouncing free. And locked her emerald eyes on Link.

She opened her mouth and spoke.


Disclaimer: I do not own the game that this fanfiction is written for, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Sex scene, enjoy.

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______Chapter 2

His dream was alight with strange feelings and emotions coursing every which way. Soon one thing began to overwhelm the dream, pleasure, pleasure and more pleasure. He pictured the Zora he peeked at under water doing strange things, all of them erotic as she twisted and turned beneath him, but his understanding of what was going on eluded him completely.

With a moan he suddenly woke up and found a Zora entering the room. It was still dark out, he could tell by the dim moon light that seemed to seep through the waterfull into the dwellings of the water people.

He squinted as... she!... drew near and his eyes adjusted making out the very feminine features of the Zora.

Sudden understanding and almost horror dawned on his face, it was the same Zora he was looking at earlier that day! The

She entered quietly and sat down on his bed.

She spoke first,"I know what you were doing underneath the water. Why?"

"uh..." He stammered, "I don't know I almost ran into you and couldn't help but look...."

He eyes narrowed slightly, a small look came to her face. If he were older he would have recognized it as lust.

"Well now... what makes you think I didn't place myself there on purpose so you would look?"

"Uh..." Stammered link again, generally making a complete fool out of himself.

"Well don't worry" she smiled, "I heard some rumors about you.. We are cooler than your species since we live in the water. I heard you are.. well warm blooded."

She lay her hand on his stomach which was free from the sheets once he sat up.

"OH! MY!" She cried out in a small gasp of wonder. Almost pulling her hand away from the his warm stomach.

"You're very hot to the touch." She smirked playfully.

Slowly her hand moved lower down his stomach, something grew within him, he still did not understand what, but his body sure did and responded in kind.

She slipped her cool hands below the clothe that covered his 6" manhood. They both gasped in surprise as she met his very hot dick poking straight up. Link moaned as she firmly grasped his rock hard member.

"Wow its so hot to the touch..." whispered the Zora.

Her hand slowly moved to the top of his heated dick and circled it around the hood of his throbbing pole. She slowly started to jack him off. Enjoy how it pulsed and grew hotter in her cool hands. Smiling she slipped her hand slowly down her smooth white belly. And moaned silently as she slipped a finger in herself and started to tease her engorged clit.

Link lay on the bed his mouth agape as he slowly met the down of her stroke with the thrust of his dick. He began to understand what that feeling he had experienced before was.. complete and utter lust.

The Zora slowly stopped her massage of his cock, he gasped when she let go and looked at her pleading her to continue.

She giggle and kissed him gently on the lips slowly to savor the taste. Link was in heaven, her mouth was cool on his blistering hot mouth, her tongue gently caressed every inch of his mouth. Loving the feel of the hot mouth around her cool wet tongue. She gently worked her way to his neck and licked and sucked on the skin trying to get at the warmth that flowed beneath it. Soon she continued lower down his chest, slowly licking as she went, making Link ache with need. Soon she reached the top of his shorts and gently peeled them down.

Links engorged cock sprung free into the cool night air, throbbing with anticipation. The Zora grabbed it once again enjoying the warmth she felt. She then turned and looked into Links eyes as she kissed the tip of his manhood. Then slowly slipped it inch by inch into her wet mouth. She worked it all the way in until the tip rested comfortable at the back of her tight wet mouth. She moaned softly making link quiver from the vibrations it was causing.

*God it's so warm...* She thought as she gently bobbed her head up and down the fiery cock. Swirling her long tongue around the tip she slowly sucked on just the tip. Making Link twist and turn on the bed, experiencing pleasure he had never imagined. Her mouth was so cool and wet and perfectly contrasted his hard, hot and dry dick.

She began to suck harder, letting more of her saliva coat his dick allowing her hands to work as fast as her quickly bobbing head. Then at last she gave one final great suck and lick of the tip of his cock and he exploded into her expectant mouth. She moaned in ecstasy as the hot liquid filled her mouth with warmth. She loved the taste immediately, she lived in a fresh water lake her whole life and tasting the hot semen with salt intermixed made her gush with pleasure. She let a little dribble on her soft breasts.

Link watched as it slowly slid down her ample breasts and stopped once it hit her rock hard nipple. She glanced down and with a finger wiped off the glistening juice and slowly sucked it off her finger.

Link was almost ready to completely pass out from the act she had done for him. But she had other plans in mind as she leaned forward and captured his dry lips in her wet soft ones. Instantly he was completely awake and ready for more.

He looked at her quizzically when their lips finally parted, leaving a thin strand of saliva connecting the two lips.

"Don't you know? The water here is healing and I live in it." She smiled

"Now its my turn boy." She whispered as she mounted his head.

He looked up and was face to face with her literally dripping wet cunt. He slowly touched his tongue to her cool sex, instantly she jumped a little as the fiery hot tongue met her cold sex. He slowly licked all around her swollen cunt, making his way inwards with each pass. She thrashed about on his head loving the sensation as the hot wet tongue raked across her most sensitive areas. She roughly rubbed her hardening peaks in sync with his attention to her clit.

Soon he found a small tight opening the dripped constantly the sweet nectar of the healing water. He withdrew his tongue from her sex for an instant, making her hiss with displeasure until he thrust his burning tentacle into her love hole. She shouted in ecstasy as it slowly made it's way around her insides, caressing each curve of her spasming canal. He pushed his head deeper as she pushed her tight slit harder and harder against him. He pulled out and found a little nub that almost throbbed in the faint light. He gave a tentative live and as she shuddered above him he clamped down with his lips and began to suck hard. He started alternating between thrusting his tongue deep inside her and sucking her clit.

Then right as he felt her hole contract and begin to suck his burning tongue she lept off determined not to cum just yet, though it was very tempting to shoot her juices all over the forest boys determined face.

She repositioned and was pleasantly surprised to find his member hard again poking her asshole.

Smiling she said, "oh not yet."

Then positioned her dripping sex above his blazing spear. She waited a minute as her juices slowly dripped and almost seem to steam off his burning dick. Then she thrust down in one powerful motion burying Link to the hilt in her cool dripping hole. They yelled in unison as Link felt her hole grip his shaft from all sides and gently milk him.

The Zora moaned as the burning shaft buried to the hilt inside her. Filling up her cold sex with his warm shaft. After adjusting slightly she began to bounce slowly on his engorged dick. He began to thrust back slowly at first but growing steadily faster as her insides spasmed and milked him. Her juice began to quickly slide down his shaft and onto his stomach steaming off slowly. Soon she was riding him hard and fast clawing his chest with every thrust. Making her shout and moan his name as he thrust faster.

Soon she hit her climax, her love canal clamped down on his dick and almost squezzed the cum right out of him. But her juices lubricated him so much he still manage to thrust faster and faster. He flipped her onto her back and began pumping fast and hard. Burying himself to the hilt before backing out to the tip and thrusting back in. Making her breasts roll and sway on her chest.

She continued orgasming as he didn't stop, unable to climax. He bend down slightly and took one her her hard icy nipples into his raging mouth. He began to suck and bite hard, as she rolled in ecstasy and continued to buck against his steaming pole. The pleasure of the biting stopped the Zora completely in her tracks as she hit another level of orgasm and her love hole clamped down so hard on Links member he had to thrust with all his might to get it in and out.

Then finally with a moan he buried to the hilt inside of her still spasming hole and released his burning seed inside her. The lava poured inside of her filling her body to the brim warming it with sheer pleasure. All she could do was lay in the bed with Link collapsed on top of her and moan as the seed traveled through her.

When they finally got their breath back and their rapid heart beats slowed to almost normal, Link looked up.

"You still have one more thing to fill." She whispered in his ear.

Links cock twitched with anticipation...

Hey guys. This is a story I submitted at least a year or two ago. It is a to a website called
I occasionally write stories and submit them here. It helps refine my writing style and some people get some fun outta my stories too. So its a double win.
This particular story has received 16 thousand hits. So I figured it was time to upload it here. I won't lie, Adam submitting stories made me want to start submitting mine. So thanks Adam haha. We can't just compete in FreeRunning.

Well this Fanfic as they are known as centers around Link having a much more sexual adventure than portrayed in the N64 game. Enjoy!


Disclaimer: I do not own the game that this fanfiction is written for, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Zelda Fan Fic.

Link/Zorra (making link a little older than he actually is to explain his 6" dick)

Fourth Chapter up but planned to be rewritten due to authors lack of satisfaction :p

THANKS FOR THE 16000 hits you guys. Hope I didn't disappoint.

First story submitted here so be as harsh as you want. But be constructive at the very least.

_________________________Chapter 1____________________________

Link smiled as he walked through the Zora caves. It was a good day, he was tired as his journey to get here was long. The running around on death mountain made him ache and head throb as he remembers his journey up to the fairy at the top. Braving falling rocks the size of him with his little metal shield gave him a huge headache, stylish as it was. As he entered the Zora city he was extremely startled to notice was that all of them were naked! Them male Zora's didn't bother him much since they had their packages tucked away inside a sheath to protect it.

*Why cant we have that?* Link thought recalling the unfortunate encounter with a well aimed Deku nut... ouch...

Link navigated the moist tunnels until he chanced upon the King himself. The only Zora with clothing even though he just looked like a very large fish. But when asked about the water stone thing all he did was grumble about some stupid princess or whatever.

*I cant get a break* he thought *when I finally get to this cold, damp place the king wont even actually talk to me! I played every stupid song I know and he still wont budge. Guess he isn't as big a fan as the rock people. I even tried to give the big fish a little fish, but all it did was hop around.*

Disappointed and once again stuck on his adventure he explored and thought about his Quest. The Deku tree made it seem like a peace of CAKE!! Go save Hyrule collect some shiny stones and you win. He never expected to meet dancing beings made of rock, Wolves, Spiders, flowers that made bombs... The list was endless!! And so far he hadn't gotten any thanks for it yet... Well other than meeting that hot princess Zelda but she wasn't the brightest star in the sky, babbling about some sort of evil prophesy having to do with the goth dude in the throne room. Bah! it was all crap to him.

He was getting tired of all the running around, playing that boring song that almost put him to sleep EVERY TIME he needed to get somewhere.

*She just HAD to teach me didn't she*

Finally he chanced upon a sign for the diving game,
All he read was,


And he was hooked.

Of he went confident as can be, that is until he saw exactly what he was diving off of...

"Well are you gonna jump or not?" Asked the annoyed looking male Zora.

Link swallowed...

"Well if you are its 15 Rupees. So pay up kid." Ordered the Zora.
Link forked out the rupees.

"Thanks now jump" He then promptly shoved Link off the 100ft high waterfall into the chilly abyss. Link shouted at the sheer cold. But soon gathered his wits once he surfaced for air with a great GULP!

He spied the shining rupees winking at him from underneath the cold wake. He held his breath and dived after them. After four of the five rupees had been collected tries he dove for his fifth. And almost head butted a female Zora right in the stomach.

Shocked he stared at the smooth pale blue Zora skin. It looked leathery but almost soft... He looked upwards and saw the bottom halves of two beautiful orbs of blue flesh. He wanted to reach out and touch them badly, to his surprise. But his desires conflicted and eventually his eyes compromised and worked downwards instead. Tracing the contours of her smooth complexion he finally looked at the apex of her milky white thighs. A small line poked between them. The lips of her pussy puffed out beautifully each time she treaded water in front of his greedy eyes.

She turned and made some noises above the water, she was talking to someone. With her ass presented he took the liberty to examine that as well. The were pale blue with small darker spots of blue. But as he looked to the inside of her luscious cheeks it turned a pale blue bordering white. And in the center her puckered hole winked at him.

Something strange stirred in his gut, it wasn't unpleasant... He had a strong desire but for what he couldn't quite but a finger on. He knew it had to do with something he was looking at but he was still young and confused.

Then his breath gave out.

He surfaced after he swam a couple feet away from the Zora completely ignorant of what the boy was peeking at.

Gulping for breath and slightly red to the face he heard a voice call down from above.


*SHIT* he thought to himself. He had completely forgot about the game he was in the middle of before he glimpsed a very erotic looking Zora.

*Well that dumb shit Zora tossed in more money to collect than I payed him. I made a profit off that!!*

Link waved and shouted, "Don't you worry I'll come back and beat your stupid game!"

Tired and slightly humiliated he found a small room for messengers of the king near the top of the cave where it was less... well wet everywhere.

He removed his sword and shield and placed them next to his bed. The bed glimmered with the Triforce symbol of Hyrule woven expertly into the fabric. He laid down on his back stared at the rock ceiling and soon sleep over took him.